European leader in closed cellular rubber in 2013


SRATEGY : To become a world player in the formulation and production of cellular rubber with a program of sustainable and profitable growth

INTEREP , centre of excellence in the the design and manufacture of closed cellular rubber , has been developing its activities throughout the world to provide high performance solutions for industry.

Innovation is at the heart of our activities in working with customers, enabling them to offer cellular rubber products with remarkable properties :

  • tight sealing,
  • dampening,
  • anti vibration,
  • sound insulation,
  • protection…

INTEREP, the European company , is at the cutting edge of the latest advances in product design right through to production to meet the most exacting demands thanks to the creativity and expertise of its engineering , commercial and technical teams.

INTEREP, a subtle blend of experience , know how and team expertise , is a high technology tool manufacturer based on two production sites , with a quality approach at the heart of all teamwork and collective company responsibility for the manufacture of raw material products that we use daily.

INTEREP, is an active player ready to take up the most arduous challenges presented by customers and partners with one aim : to develop eco efficient solutions and a lasting partnership based on trust.


  • 80 years of experience providing an essential foundation for meeting your requirements.
  • Ever since 1929 INTEREP’s teams have been analysing , creating and optimising high performance closed cell rubber solutions.

Its men and women

  • Daily commitment to the company’s aims.
  • 200 persons in two factories in France and a factory in Asia.
  • Our teams are continually updated on your products.

A high technology production tool

  • A research centre and R&D laboratories are guarantees of innovation and excellence.
  • A strong emphasis on an automatic manufacturing process ( mixing extrusion, vulcanization, stabilization, control… ).

An international presence

Present in 40 countries Exports 90%
2 production sites in
France and one in Asia

1 sales office
in Asia

An effective multilingual
Customer Service with expert
knowledge of markets

Officially recognized by major internationally renowned industries
Constantly updated technical databases and customer support