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Using rubber foams containing sulfur can be very damaging in contact or by emission with copper, silver and other metals.

Often used in electric systems’ sealings, the rubber containing sulfur is likely to corrode the metal and as a result affect the technical properties of the device.

As a major producer in the field of expanded rubbers, the company Interep has developed a new generation of sulfur-free material, known under the reference 95-0.

It is a clean foam made of EPDM compound foamed into a closed cell structure. 95-0 doesn’t contain any sulfur intentionally added in the recipe.

It is not only peroxide-cured and also contains selected other components for minimizing the risk of metal corrosion.

95-0 exhibits superior metal corrosion resistance, but also great compressibility, durability, heat resistance, sound, air-tightness, heat insulation and high tear resistance. Its density is 70 kg/m3, compressibility 65 kPa at 50% compression rate.

95-0 is a closed cell EPDM material ideal to die-cut gaskets, seals and cushions in the automotive, lighting and electronic industries.

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